​Pilates Reformer

Provides a full-body workout with spring loaded resistance, focusing on core stability and proper spinal alignment. Enhances body tone, strength, posture and flexibility.  Classes are offered in a small group setting with up to three participants or as a private session with one participant.

Full Studio Pilates Workout

Get a full Pilates experience with this total body work out! Apparatus includes Reformer, Tower, Mat with Props, Barre and the TRX System

Strengthen your core and improve flexibility, balance and stamina while relying on your own body weight for resistance.  Creates long, lean muscle tone.

​Pilates Mat with Props*
Body Sculpt*

Weight training class to strengthen and shape muscles while boosting bone health and metabolism. This class will have an extra focus on upper body conditioning along with core/abdominal work followed by a long, well-deserved stretch!

TRX Suspension Training*

TRX is a form of suspension training that uses body weight to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability.  This workout was created by a Navy Seal.

Barre Above*

Muscular strengthening and stretching exercises performed at the ballet barre, and on the floor and mat. Achieve improved posture, balance, flexibility and fabulous toning, firming and lifting with this innovative body sculpting class.

Balance & Center*

A 40 minute restorative mind-body class combining Pilates movements with relaxing stretches.  Stretching keeps your muscles flexible, strong & healthy and we need flexibility to move more effectively!

Instructors Subject to Change

*Group Classes may be taken across Group Class packages