• Lisa

Carefully Considering...

While I was showering (I don’t know why these thoughts seem to materialize in the shower but I think it’s something to do with the fact our bodies are about 65% water)  the thought was to make a list of a few tiny, but wonderful things I learned this year.  

  •  Contrary to what I had believed the world does not depend on me to make it run. As much as I truly believed that every thing I did had an effect on everything around me, I’ve just learned it kinda runs well on its own. And I just need to mind my own business and do what I need to do. 

  •  I never thought I could feel so stressed by politics. Blissfully, I would go to sleep, wake up and then go about my day without giving much thought to political issues. Now every day is like a fire drill. What loony, cuckoo thing is happening today?? How long can we live under this stress?? Now I am questioning all those itty bitty little things I used to take for granted.

  • My children mean the world to me and know that I’m their biggest fan. That being said I also realize that children are supposed to grow up to become functioning members of society. They should not be utterly dependent on my advice and they shouldn’t listen to everything I tell them. They’re here to have their experience not mine. Yes my kids are 23 and 20. I’m slowly learning this lesson. 

  • You can never ever never make anyone see things they are not ready to see. 

  • Honesty is best even if it hurts someone. Better some pain up front than a big giant lie to unravel later. And the person will probably still respect you if not be totally thrilled with you for a time. 

  •  As a woman approaching my 50th birthday I am realizing how good it feels to be the age I am. I feel as good or better than I did a decade ago; physically, mentally and more importantly emotionally. The demographic of women aged 50-80 is one of the most economically and intellectually resourceful in this country. It’s time we are recognized as such and that starts with knowing our value no matter how little we are represented in the media. 

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, peaceful holiday season with an optimistic look towards the New Year,

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