• Lisa

Expanding Upon

This past weekend as I was listening to my iPod on shuffle, all of the randomly selected songs were ones that have helped usher me into this current and very new era of my life. Coincidence? Maybe. Traditionally, January is a time to reexamine the previous year, evaluate the changes you've made and look ahead towards what changes may be needed.  As I look back, one change just kept leading to the change before that.... I feel as if the past decade was a firestorm that burnt my life down to the foundation and I’ve spent the past 7 years rebuilding as I went along.  Most of what was my daily life is gone: A divorce. The house I raised my children in. Where I started teaching and loving Pilates. My most intimate familial relations and friendships.  A surgery that ushered me into menopause. Becoming an empty nester. That’s a lot of change.  So this year I'm opting to focus on what I am most grateful for. I don't feel like beating myself up if I haven't worked out every day, or had french fries for lunch or forgot to vacuum the damn house.

I hope 2018 will be the year we decide not beating ourselves up for being human. T

he year of expanding upon all the good that we've initiated in our life, to be grateful for all the lessons learned, the love given and received, friendships made and strengthened, and to move forward as a consciously raised population.