• Lisa

Just Take a Breath ~~~

Recently I was chatting with a friend about life. Just one of our meandering conversations that somehow touch on every topic about what’s going on in our lives. She mentioned that when her clients feel overwhelmed she tells them to “just breathe.” One's breath and the process of breathing is such a huge part of what we teach here in Pilates. “Remember to breathe” is a phrase I say about one thousand times a week. It is painted up on the wall where clients can see it at all times even when laying down on the reformer.      After our conversation it hit me on a deeper level. We are defined in part by how we “breathe" through life. It is our first act as we are birthed into this life and the last act as we exit. And all the breaths in between is us living our life. All of our different type of breaths...when we’re anxious we need to take deep belly breath... when we’re crying and sobbing for breath or when we’re laughing so hard to try to gasp for breath...when we are awed and surprised by a depth of feeling and we need to “catch our breath.”   When I need a moment to relax I take a long deep breath to nourish my body and calm my mind. So I hope if you have the chance you will sit down for a moment and treat yourself to some wonderful deep loving breaths.

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