• Lisa

No Plans Required

As I prepare for a visit to my daughter in Spain it's been a whirlwind of activity.  There's all the planning and preparing to be incommunicado (or as unplugged as we can be these days) it's a lot of making sure things are set at home and the studio. And packing of course. We did not schedule and plan every minute of our trip.  I mean I’m headed to a country I've never been and I should, I NEED, to be planning time to sight-see and take in everything.  It is the longest stretch of time with not living with my girl. We are incredibly close, sometimes I think a little too intertwined for both of us. She's an old old and helped to keep me centered during some very difficult transitions. Hopefully this will be the space to allow her to be who she is without playing off of me. We shall see. For today I’m just “letting go”.  I am looking forward to quality time with someone I love; I am going to relax, and enjoy the local culture and slow my pace.  And I will be ceding my control to my daughter - let her lead the way. It’s her time. My visit will be a window into her world and I can’t wait to be the one to follow in her steps.