• Lisa

Sharing The Circle of Love

So today I got to experience a circle of love I’ve never quite had before.  It’s Mother’s Day and usually the focus is on my relationship to my mom and my relationship with my kids. But this Mother’s Day started differently. I received back to back texts from the two women in my life who take care of me like one of their own. They wished me a happy day, and I felt so embraced by their love it was heart melting. Right after that I received a text from a friend younger than me who wished me a happy Mother’s Day. I am like her second mom. Talk about a circle of love that I’m lucky to be a part of! There’s nothing that a little love can’t fix. Even during the dark moments of our life, the smallest bits of loves light shining into that space, can transform the landscape of your day. May we all have the ability to do that for someone every day. I read a quote somewhere that says (and I’m paraphrasing) “a little bit of love can transform the world, in fact that's the only thing that truly can.” And I believe that.