• Lisa

Supporting Ourselves

I don't know about you all but this has been one weird and challenging summer for me.  Nothing earth shattering or bad just "changeable." There have been a lot of new ideas/ways of living that I've been trying to integrate into where life is leading me.  Children are more independent, settling into married life and looking at what new and worthwhile projects to begin.  From what I've seen and heard from people closest to me, they've also been doing some shifting of gears and realigning what their day-to-day life looks like.  This is one of the reasons we will now be doing a monthly Full Moon Circle for Women.  We all have so much emotional "lifting" to do for ourselves and those we love, and sometimes it's isolating to feel all our feels. What better way to support ourselves than with a community of women who know exactly what it's like to mother, and sometimes we need a little mothering of our own.  Imagine having someone (or even better a group) who will listen without judgement and help to support us in growing into our greater good.  When the individual is healthy and fulfilled, the community is healthy and fulfilled.  I am really looking forward to what this fall has to offer all of us.  I believe we are all in for some truly wonderful experiences of what it feels like to be supported by a sisterhood of strong women.