• Lisa

Swimming Along

I had a lot of time and distance to think when I was in Spain. It’s been a big year for me with a lot of new adjustments. (Those around me know I got married, I turned 50 and my daughter left home for an extended period for the first time.)  All of this made me think about how I relate to everyone in my life, the situations that we find ourselves in and how we relate to others.  l love teaching Pilates for so many reasons. One big reason is that it gives me such gratification to just focus on what everyone else is doing, and I get to be distracted and out of my own thoughts. And while that’s a great thing to have as a Pilates instructor, it’s not such a great thing for me as a grown-up. But sometimes I do need to be “in my head” so I’m finally going to really try and concentrate on what only I can do and on what I need to do.  And maybe more importantly how do I need to help myself feel supported by the choices I make? Then I can truly support the people around me who I love. Self-care is such an overused new-agey and sometimes self-serving term that gets misused.  But it’s also true. Self-care can sometimes cause the people around you to feel uncomfortable with the choices you're making, just as we have to feel uncomfortable with the decision of making a new choice.  Ultimately how can we see where we need to focus our growth if we can't take a step back to look at our own actions.  Maybe people will feel you’re not being helpful to them, or you are not providing an outlet for their feelings?  I don’t know... and I can’t guess at what others are feeling.  So as we fully go into Spring, a time of renewal, this is what I’m trying to do. Going forward I’m going to concentrate on swimming in my own lane. Wish me luck.